Stop Thumb Sucking Now!

Amy must stop sucking her thumb! She is damaging her upper palate and distorting her teeth”


With those words ringing in her ears, Cathy Sawbridge left her dentist where she had taken her 2 year old daughter for a check up. She resolved to help her stop thumb sucking, but how?

She tried all the old techniques: foul tasting paint, star charts and rewards, nagging her… All with little or no success! When Amy was tired in went the thumb.

Then she found the answer! A discreet medical grade plastic guard which sits over the thumb and is fixed firmly around the wrist with secure brightly coloured bracelets. It works by preventing the child making a seal over their thumb and thereby preventing suction, so they cannot suck.

Amy wore it 24/7. Cathy took it off daily to wash, replacing it with another bracelet. Cathy says “I made the whole experience fun, we colour co-ordinated the bracelets with her clothes each day. She wore it proudly to playgroup and explained to all who would listen it was to help her stop sucking her thumb. It did not inhibit her daily activities at all.”

The Results: FANTASTIC

Amy wore it day and night for the first week.
The second week she only needed it at night.

Now she no longer sucks her thumb! The habit has been broken in 2 1/2 weeks. Amy is a more confident child now and so much prettier without a thumb stuck in her mouth! She also twisted her hair into impossible knots when she sucked her thumb, a habit which has gone too.

On their next visit to the dentist, Amy was proudly able to say that she had finally given up thumb sucking! That was 9 years ago now.  Amy has never sucked her thumb since and she has no need of braces as her teeth are beautifully aligned.

The Kit contains: 2 plastic thumb guards, 60 coloured disposable bracelets, online video and leaflet.

We also supply a finger guard which covers two fingers and works in the same way to prevent finger sucking.