Amy H.

5th Mar 2017

Yes it’s is expensive, but it works! If like us you have tried all other options – reward charts, bitter nail stuff and blatant bribery – then it’s definitely worth a try. Our daughter has sucked the index and middle […]


22nd Nov 2016

Name – Helen H Email – helen@****** Message – It has taken until the age of 7 and a half to finally stop my daughter sucking her thumb. I have bribed, cajoled, begged and threatened for years and nothing worked. […]

Claire W.

29th Oct 2016

Name – Claire W Email – claire.********** Message – message Hi, just wanted to write to let you know how brilliantly the thumb guard worked for our son. He’s been sucking his thumb since he was a baby and in […]


19th Jul 2016

Name – Gillian Cox Email – gilski@***** Message – message Ok, so I’ll admit I was skeptical at first… But both my daughters (7 and 5) sucked their thumbs and it was starting to show on their baby teeth. We […]


20th Apr 2015

Hi,  thank you so much for this product. Our 5 year old daughter has been a thumb sucker since 2 months old. An active thumb sucker with a rough calloused thumb and a slight lisp developing. After a holiday following […]


14th Mar 2015

Name – Olivia B. Email – olivia.********** Message – After a year of trying everything from reward charts to socks on hand to nasty nail varnish – we’ve finally had huge success with a fingerguard! Thank you! My daughter Charlotte is […]


24th Feb 2015

Hi Cathy, I just want to say thank you to you and your company for helping my daughter break her thumb sucking habit! I must admit I was very dubious as to whether the thumbguard would work as we had […]


10th Feb 2015

Name – Bredgeen Walsh Email – calhamehouse@*****.com Message – What a great product and fast delivery service. Had tired of trying all other methods to get my four year old to stop sucking both his thumbs.When he received his package […]

Mr O’Neill

13th Jan 2015

Name – MR M O’Neill Email – mconeill@****** Message – I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the thumb guard we purchased. We thought it was abit expensive but our daughter who is 4 really liked the […]


4th Jan 2015

Name – Mrs J Kallin Email – jennykallin@***** Message – Testimonial I am speechless. My son has been sucking his thumb since he was 4 months and he is now 4 and a half. After two weeks of the thumb […]