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Help your child to Stop thumb sucking

Help your child to Stop Thumb Sucking !

“We are delighted! Our daughter Agnes, age 5, sucked her left thumb from the age of 2 months and already had the her palate and fingers deformed.”

We had tried everything: bandages, unpalatable products, a specific dental braces, …

all with fights, pain and bad times …

Our daughter did not want to break the habit. It was so strong that she could not help it, even though she tried …

Just over a month ago, searching for solutions online and in despair, I found your page. We decided to try …

Eureka, in two weeks it is no longer a problem! And without any pain!

The first 7 days she wore them all day (on both hands, to avoid temptation), then only at night and in another 7 days we took them off seeing as she made no attempts to suck her thumb. It has been a total success, and we recommend it to all those who have the same problem (the parents of a girlfriend of my daughter will buy, after seeing the results of Agnes). So thank you very much, is an amazing invention, a greeting

Almudena Jimeno López

Even so Thumb sucking at an early age is considered to be a normal and a natural activity among children, it needs to be considered a bad habit when the adult teeth are appearing. Originally it grows out of very strong sucking reflex, which is vital for child’s survival. While babies use sucking in order to get nutrition, they experience certain pleasurable oral sensations, some of which associated with the fulfillment from food, closeness, and tenderness. In most cases, as the child matures he or she finds alternative means of receiving the same forms of positive emotional fulfillment.

Therefore it is not recommended to stop this habit too early, only from the age of 3 years onwards are children capable to understand the reasons behind this withdrawel of the comfor factor that they derive from this habit. The urge to sop thimb sucking earlier is not encouraged.

The Kit contains: 2 plastic thumb guards, 60 coloured disposable bracelets, Instructional CD/DVD and leaflet.



We also supply a finger guard which covers two fingers and works in the same way to prevent finger sucking.

Finger Guard