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Thumb sucking

The debate surrounding thumb-sucking is one that most parents will not only be familiar with but will also have an opinion on. But is it really any better or worse than a dummy? And once he’s started, how is the best way to stop your child from popping that digit in his mouth? Read on to find out the truth behind the myths surrounding thumb-sucking and get some practical help in encouraging your toddler to give it up!

How to stop thumb sucking?

Thumb-sucking is a common childhood habit, which happens in over 80% cent of babies and infants. Sucking is one of baby’s natural reflexes and used to calm themselves down when tired, hungry, bored or just in need of comfort. Being relaxing, it can help with going to sleep.

There is nothing wrong with children sucking their thumb (or dummies) until around the age of three years. Only then can they start to understand the emotional impact of being asked to give up this kind of comfort.

The importance of stopping to suck their thumb is due to the fact that any gum and dental problems after the milk teeth have fallen out and the adult teeth have come through are long lasting and costly to rectify. Thumb-sucking can force teeth forward into a more prominent position, as well as damage the growth and formation of the upper palate (roof of the mouth).

Responsible parents will attempt to assist their child from around the 3rd Birthday. Breaking this habit is necessary for the child’s development not only because speech errors can have a negative affected, but often “thumb-sucker” are being ridiculed of other children.

This is where Thumbguard® come in. By wearing the Thumb Guard, which is made of medical grade plastic to ensure quality and hygiene and securing it with the included wrist bands, the trademark “integrated straw” doesn’t allow for any pressure to be created in the mouth. This stops the child very quickly in even attempting to suck.

Most parents report that it takes between 7 and 10 days wearing during the day and then an equal period only at night times to stop thumb sucking in their child.

Unlike some other providers, offering ‘cheaper’ solutions, our kit comes automatically with 2 Thumbguards as most children will switch to the other hand if only one protector is used.

Thumbguard is only available online, but we are delivering to any country in the World by traceable courier service, delivered to your door in less than 15 working days (often a lot quicker)