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Yes it’s is expensive, but it works! If like us you have tried all other options – reward charts, bitter nail stuff and blatant bribery – then it’s definitely worth a try. Our daughter has sucked the index and middle fingers on her left hand since she was only a few months old, by 4 it had reached the point that whenever she wasn’t using her hand, the fingers were in her mouth. She was very happy to wear it and enjoyed choosing a different colour bracelet each day, it didn’t stop her doing anything – swimming, sport all fine. We did need to put 2 bracelets on at night, as shown in the leaflet, to stop her wriggling her fingers out. Unfortunately due to a material defect the guard broke after only a week, but the company were brilliant and sent two replacements. In the mean time we realised she’d stopped sucking her fingers during the day, after only ONE WEEK! Sucking at bedtime is still a work in progress, but overall I’m impressed with this product and the great service.

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