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Dear Cathy

I just came across your e-mail and it reminded me to write and thank you for sending the Thumbguard.

My son started school yesterday and thanks to Thumbguard he is not sucking his thumb.  I was worried that he would be teased for being a baby if he was still sucking his thumb in ‘big school’ but thanks to Thumbguard he has completely stopped.  I really thought he had an unbreakable habit and, whilst I was prepared to give the Thumbguard a try, I was sceptical about its chances of success.

However, after three weeks of wearing his Thumbguard 24/7, I am delighted that he has stopped entirely in time for starting school.  He still wears the Thumbguard at night but he has had it off during the day all of this week and has not even put his thumb near his mouth.  I wouldn’t have believed it if anyone had told me that in three weeks he would have stopped what has been a habit of a lifetime.

It’s a great product and I will be recommending it to anyone who, like me, wants to stop their child’s seemingly incurable thumb-sucking habit!

Kind regards