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Name – Anna Howlin
Email – anna.howlin@******.co.uk
Message – I want to express my uttermost appreciation for this ingenious device – the thumb guard.  Due to my daughters palet and thumb distorting due to 7 years of thumb sucking and after me trying everything but the thumbguard I ordered it.  A few weeks later and I cannot believe the results – my daughter has completely kicked the habit.  Having spoken to GPs, Dentists, Health Visitors, Teachers and anyone who may have nuggets of advise to find solutions to this problem I hit a dead end, but this thumb guard has been a 100% success in a small amout of time and negligable inconvenience….I just want to tell all other parernts now that there is hope!!

Because of the success of the thumb guard I am keen to share this as a testimonial and so if you would like me to write more please let me know…I just want everyone to know how wonderful this device is!

Kind regards,

Mrs Anna Howlin, mum of Niabh aged 7

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