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Just a quick word to you about our positive experience with
Thumbguard…the great news is that Sophie, who has sucked her thumb
pretty much non-stop since she was a baby, has now stopped. I cannot
tell you how delighted we are. The dentist told us that if she
stopped now..aged 8…the over-bite she was developing would
disappear…but she had to stop NOW..and she has! She is so pleased
with herself and tells us she’s too grown up for thumb-sucking…and
anyway the ‘thumb tastes horrible now’. Before, with the constant
sucking, even at school, the skin was worn so thin that the thumb
kind of ‘tasted good’…with the Thumbguard it had a chance to
properly dry out and roughen up ..and is now not as appealing to
Sophie as it was. A real success story and we couldn’t believe the
solution was so simple and straightforward. Thanks for bringing
Thumbguard to the UK.

It took a month as you suggested and we had to punch holes in the
guard to allow air to flow freely around the thumb (in order to
prevent it from getting hot and slightly smelly as I explained in a
previous e-mail to you) and it also discoloured somewhat. I rotated
the guards each night, throwing the dirty one in the
dishwasher…which seemed to clean it up and de-whiff it nicely!

Thanks again for your follow-up e-mails and encouragement.

I don’t know if it would help you and your business, but I am quite
happy for you to use my endorsement of Thumbguard. I am a News
Presenter for Sky News…sometimes that makes a difference. I have
deliberately written the first paragraph for you to use if you wish.

Good Luck with your wonder-cure!
I hope you can bring it to desperate parents everywhere!