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Message – A huge thank you!  My six year old son Will has been an avid thumb sucker since the age of 10 weeks.  Over the last two years, we have tried everything to break the habit, with no success.  Poor Will was at the end of his tether, (‘It just goes in on its own, Mummy’), and with the first of his ‘big teeth’ now coming through, and the prospect of huge orthodontal bills in the future, so was I.

I saw the advert for ‘Thumb Guard’ in a local, free parenting magazine, and logged onto the website to find out more.  After speaking to you, I decided it was worth a try, and within two days, Will was choosing which coloured wrist band to wear with his new ‘gadget’.  Three days later, he no longer needed the guard by day, and six days later, the habit was broken, both day and night.

Will no longer finds his thumb ‘sneaking in all by itself’, and he is more delighted by his success even than I am.

This product was worth every penny!!!