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Name – Bredgeen Walsh
Email – calhamehouse@*****.com
Message – What a great product and fast delivery service.
Had tired of trying all other methods to get my four year old to stop sucking both his thumbs.When he received his package we pretended to know nothing so he loved taking charge and showing us what to do .He was very proud to wear them and loved giving a coloured strap to his friends so they wouldn’t feel left out.From the moment he put them on until two weeks later when they were removed he has not sucked his thumbs,over
two weeks ago even when he has hurt himself. Put some vaseline on his thumbs to keep them moisture proof and used a cotton bud to dry the inside of the thumb guards between removals.(as they do build up a little odour)but a good washing fixes that.
They did not hinder his activities at playschool or at home at all. My son was happy and so was I. A great product were benfits out weighed all else. No problem recommending them to anyone.

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