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Name – Catherine Mitchell
Email – catherine_l_adams@****co.uk
Message – I just wanted to write and tell you just how pleased I have been with the Thumb Guard I purchased from you a few weeks ago.

My daughter, who has just turned 7, has been sucking her thumb since birth.  We used the thumb guard constantly for about three weeks, then took it off during the day and used it at night.  After about 4 weeks we have been able to take it off completely.  I haven’t caught her sucking her thumb since.  I think the habit has been broken.  She did cry the first night, but after that, she was fine.  It didn’t interfere with her at school and her teacher has been brilliant in supporting us.

I would highly recommend using the Thumb Guard and would not hesitate in spending the money again to stop the habit.

Please feel free to use this as a testimonial as you see fit.

Once again, many thanks

Catherine Mitchell

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