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Name – emma bloomfield
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Message – I have been meaning to email to say thumbguard really does work! I was a little sceptical initially but I do now have 2 girls 5 and 3 who no longer suck their thumbs. We had a very different experience with each child and I think that is important to recognise. It was a conversation with yourself that alerted me to the fact that they might do everything within their power to get the thumbguard off! I think having this knowledge that it could be exhausting but very trying prepared me for the first few days. My 5 year old took 3 weeks with a tough initial week to break it and when I returned to the dentist 3 months later her overbite had gone and he said you have saved yourself potentially thousands of orthodontic fees in the futre. My youngest who is more easy going broke her habit in a week.! I also spoke to the Drs about the product and in her words ” it is the only prodcut on the market that works and she had done it on her 2 daughters”
What a great result and product!
Emma Bloomfield