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Ok, so I’ll admit I was skeptical at first… But both my daughters (7 and 5) sucked their thumbs and it was starting to show on their baby teeth. We had tried many things, but the final straw was when the first top tooth came out, and we knew we needed to act quickly before the adult tooth came through. My elder daughter only sucked her thumb at night whereas my younger would suck at night and at any point when she was tired during the day (inc school). She wouldn’t even realise her thumb was approaching her mouth, it was just natural instinct for her.
Anyways, ordered the double pack, and both girls took to the thumb guard straightaway. We agreed they would only need to wear the guards at night to see how it went. After 24 nights, they asked to stop wearing them as they both promised they wouldn’t suck their thumbs anymore. We agreed on a trial basis, and 6 weeks later there has been no thumb sucking, not even from the wee one during the day. Both girls now have their first adult teeth coming in through the top, and I am just delighted that we have finally cracked the thumb sucking – hopefully this will save me a fortune in braces in a few years time!
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