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Name – Irma Barnard
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Message – This is not a query message, but ‘n joyous testimonial.  Sorry for placing it here in queries, not sure were else to send to.  My nearly 3 year old son started sucking his thumb when he was only a few weeks old.  By the time he reached 2 1/2 we realised 2 things.  That he was unlikely to stop without some intervention and that he was seriously damaging his teeth, especially the bottom ones which have visibly moved.
My husband was very sceptical about the use of thumbgaurd and my son needed a huge amount of support and encouragement when he started wearing the gaurds.  We had a big panic when he started sucking his fingers, but applied band aids covered in bitter ointment on all the fingers.  That worked really well.  He wore the gaurds all day for a fortnight and then at night for another 10 days.  No more thumbsucking.  He has so much more confidence and is sleeping better, yes better now that he is not constanly sucking his thumb all night.  He had a blanky with satin ribbons which he took to bed with him at night and associated blanky with thumb sucking with sleep. We had to get rid of blanky aswell, but in return for 2 weeks of extra care and effort we now have a much happier and confident little boy.  If only there was such a straight forward method for toilet training  hahaha.
Jacques and Irma Barnard
Limerick, Ireland

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