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Name – Jodie McEwen
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Message – Hi there

We recently purchased a ThumbGuard for our 6 year old son. He has sucked his thumb since the age of about 5 months old, whenever he was tired, upset, bored, watching TV or in the car. We tried everything to help him stop and our last resort was the ThumbGuard. Well, it worked! He wore it night and day for about three weeks then night only for another week or so. He no longer even thinks about putting his thumb in his mouth for comfort or when he’s tired, and I can’t believe how nice it is not to have to say “Take your thumb out of your mouth!” anymore.
Thankyou so much.  We have a queue of people lining up ready to get one for their thumbsuckers!

Kind regards
Jodie, Carl and Finn McEwen- Australia