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Name – Liann Hunter
Email – liannhunter@******.co.uk
Message – I’d just like to pass on my sincere gratitude for such a fantastic and simple invention. I never thought I’d see a day where my 3 year old didn’t suck her thumb but after just 2 weeks of wearing her Thumbguard, she’s stopped completely! I’m amazed! I found it easy to fit and secure on to her wrist and she loved choosing which colour bracelet to wear every day. In fact, on the day we took it off, she insisted we put it back on! Just brilliant! I wish there’d been something like this available when I was younger. Would have saved me the pain and frustration of having to wear a fixed brace for 4 years and no doubt would have had a dramatic impact on my self-confidence as a teenager. Thank you for helping me to improve my daughters teenage years.

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