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Hi there,

I purchased a thumb guard for my son in October. I must wanted to say that so far it has worked! I am so pleased. My son is 7, and was a bit sceptical at 1st but he did want to stop. We (probably like many parents) had tried everythin else. Nothin worked.

I did find that he only had needed to wear one, as he said his other thumb didn’t taste the same. So I just swapped between the two, he had one on whilst I washed the other.

To say I am proud is an understatement! He was embarrassed at school to wear it, so he told everyone he had hurt it, and the teacher went along with it.

Only problem now is gettin him to bed! He was so used to settling himself that I think he struggles now, but we will get there.

I will leave a review on the website.

Thanks again, for all your help and advice.

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