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Name – Olivia B.
Email – olivia.**********@gmail.com
Message – After a year of trying everything from reward charts to socks on hand to nasty nail varnish – we’ve finally had huge success with a fingerguard! Thank you!

My daughter Charlotte is nearly 6 and a determined finger sucker, both day and night. We knew we had a very small window of opportunity before her baby teeth started to fall out, and so decided to go for it. We combined the decision with a trip to the dentist so that he could reinforce the message, which helped greatly.

Charlotte was brilliant – she loved the coloured bands and took it all in her stride. Daytime was easy. Nights,  for the first fortnight, were definitely tricky as she had to re-learn how to fall asleep without finger sucking. However we were all determined, positive, upbeat & consistent, and by four weeks the habit was broken and we are now fingerguard free. Charlotte is so proud of herself

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