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Name – Sarah
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Message – Hi,
I just wanted to write a review for your website. My three year old daughter seems to have stopped sucking her two fingers, thanks to your finger guard. We tried for two weeks before Christmas but that just wasn’t long enough. So we then tried it for 40 days and 40 nights (on full time expect for bath time when we took it off to give it a wash!). She knew that if she stuck it out she could choose a present so she had a good incentive. The first three nights before Christmas were the worst. Expect them to get very angry and upset. After that she seemed to accept it and got used to it. The most difficult thing I would say over the 40 days was the annoyance it caused my daughter in the day time. She didn’t like it getting dirty and she really didn’t like any water getting inside it. I would have to take it off and dry it every time. It did seem to get in the way of doing certain things too. Setting that aside it was still worth every penny and I would throughly recommend it. I know they do suggest a month but I would suggest that you try for longer just in case. You can’t afford to take it off after a month only to find that it hasn’t worked and you need to do it for longer!


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